Friday, 24 August 2012

One in a million

OMG! Dives like this really don't happen every day or even every year - & I am taking an introductory diver at 11m for his 4th ever underwater exploration. We are diving from the Mangrove mooring westwards. The visibility is as clear as it can be top to bottom. Fish everywhere. Then below us the black tip reef shark cruises by in the other direction. Minutes later a middle aged (i.e pretty big)  Green turtle slowly lifts it's bulk from the reef to cross our path seawards. My diver shook my hand.
We continue our saunter along the dramatic wall interrupted by the masses of fusilier, mackerel and the rest around us - just the two of us no-one else in sight.
Making for the the ledge at 5m preparing to surface. No,  stop... what's that looming out of the blue - WHALESHARK!! a mere baby at around 5-6m. We have enough air to backtrack and follow it for a heavenly few minutes before it turns and fades back into the blue. OK, time to go, safety stop.  But no, my diver taps my shoulder - behind you, the magnificent beast is heading straight at us for a last encounter - awesome :))))
oh how I wish I hadn't flooded my camera