Saturday, 30 November 2013

Spick & Span

Those of you who have already visited Reef Seen will know that our hard working staff always start the day with a wash & brush up of the grounds and the beach to remove whatever has fallen in the wrong place over night. 

Occasionally we have a bigger job to do.  One of the most adverse consequences of the Western influences in our tropical worlds is non-degradable rubbish.  Ridiculous amounts of it!!!  Over packaged products sold in double-wrapped, super tough, plastic.

And where does it all go?  The manufactures are making it in vast quantities but do nothing to help dispose of it in a responsible way. 

So while the locals do make the effort to collect and put it somewhere, regrettably if often ends up washed in the rains straight into the sea.  There it floats around causing potential disastrous results for the marine life, making it most unpleasant to be in and then comes back to the land.

In the sea the only safe way for the protection of the wildlife is to hand pick it out.  If you were to simply scoop it all up there is no knowing how many animals you would gather with it and kill.  If you care please help us try to do something,  Leave the plastic in the shop.  Recycle and re-use what you can. Lobby the producers and the government.  Donate to the real good causes.  Set an example.

In the meantime we will keep tidying up the mess.  Back on the beach it is at least slightly easier to deal with and our staff don't need telling what to do.  Even Coral the labrador joins in :).

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tosh was here

Reef Seen is delighted to welcome the new PADI Regional manager Paul Tanner to our place in North Bali.  Just a shame that the visit was all too short, and he could only stay with us for one night.  Thanks Tosh for the updates (and drinks).

We know you are a busy chap but next time we hope you'll have time for a dive.  Bring the family, learn more about our turtle project and maybe your daughter will enjoy a pony ride along the beach

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fresh Start

3 days ago Anke had never been diving. 
Martijn had,  but not for 6 years!! 
Now look at them, flying over the reef on Close Encounters.

 We said "hello" to the white tip reef shark which has made its bed under a coral blanket for many months now.

As our tanks were getting low we were kept amused for the last few minutes by a pair of porcelain crabs fishing on the carpet anemone.