Saturday, 4 April 2015

Thumbs Up!

Paul "Tosh" Tanner,  PADI Regional Manager for Asia Pacific has developed a new programme aimed to help PADI Five Star Dive Centres in the region (like Reef Seen) distinguish themselves even more.

Through a Professional Image and Training Evaluation, PADI inspects and assesses all aspects of the operation including the appearance of the resort inside & out, staff professionalism and conduct and, of course, how scuba diving guests are looked after.

Reef Seen was proud to be invited as a pilot resort for this scheme.  We believe we do everything in the right way, but it was still a bit scary to have "Mr PADI" come to inspect and scrutinize us.....  

So it was great to get very positive feed back from our evaluation, but as with anything, there is always room for improvement - we are working on some already.

We hope when you come to stay and dive with us you will feel the difference and have an enjoyable safe experience, in a beautiful place looked after by our professional and friendly staff.

Thank you, Tosh and PADI, for the extra Thumbs Up!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


There is cake, flour throwing and much hilarity.
It can only mean one thing...
Happy Birthday Surya  !!